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SFGate Article Spotlights Martinez Music Scene

On January 18, 2022 an article appeared on SFGate, telling the story of the Music Scene in Martinez. Now, those of us who have been living in Martinez and the surrounding communities already knew this, of course. However, it was nice to get some recognition on a broader platform.

The reporter, Ruth Carlson, dug deep to get the facts for this story. For several days, she and her crew went all over town and gathered a ton of information to write this article. The resulting piece is one we can be proud to read - our little well-kept secret is out and it can only benefit us all.

She mentioned several bands and musicians by name, as well as music venues and other businesses in town. It's a testament to the depth of the town's musical wealth that she didn't have enough space to categorically list everyone - but the richness of our musical heritage shines through.

And, of course, we are grateful that the Martinez Music Mafia got a nice mention! What the MMM does for the community is provide a very real and tangible way to leverage our vibrant music scene (which includes artists, fans, venues and other businesses) to benefit the community at large. It would seem we're getting famous, for all the right reasons!

written by Bruce Campbell

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