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Giving is Giving Back



As we mentioned, we have a lot of fun at the Martinez Music Mafia, but now that we’re a legitimate non-profit, we are committed to our mission to raise money to donate to worthy recipients.

How do we raise money?  We beg for it, of course. We provide enjoyable music experiences and we ask folks to show their appreciation by giving to worthy causes, which makes them feel even better. Giving IS giving back – you’ll see what we mean.

The Board meets regularly to determine worthy recipients to whom we pass along our donations. Some events, we ask donations on behalf of specific charities – more often, we ask for donations to us (MMM) to distribute to causes we choose to support. We will also encourage folks to donate to the musicians we are featuring in our events, too.

Every donation is appreciated, no donation is too small or too big.

Donations over $500 will get a printed receipt from the MMM – for smaller donations, your credit card receipt is OK for tax purposes, but we will gladly generate something in “hard copy” if you request.

Here are the organizations that have been recipients of our donations over the past 24 months:

Contra Costa Food Bank


We distribute food directly to low-income people at community sites and make food available for other nonprofit organizations serving the ill, needy and infants.

Christmas for Everyone


Christmas For Everyone is a volunteer organization, serving people in need during the Christmas season in Contra Costa County. Our Goal is that no one spends Christmas this most special of all holidays alone or in need.

Guitars Not Guns of Contra Costa


We provide guitars and lessons to foster children and  at-risk youth in a classroom setting with qualified teachers as an alternative to violence.

Loaves & Fishes of Contra Costa


Since 1983, Loaves and Fishes has served over 5 million meals to many thousands of hungry people throughout Contra Costa County. We have recruited thousands of volunteers and built an organization that has grown to serving over 149,000 meals, and distributing over 302 tons of groceries each fiscal year.

Monument Crisis Center


We are a family resource center that provides food, education, and referrals to individuals, families, children, and seniors in need, no matter your legal status.  We are here to help you!  Together we succeed!

Shelter Inc.


The mission of SHELTER, Inc. is to prevent and end homelessness for low-income, homeless, and disadvantaged families and individuals by providing housing, services, support, and resources that lead to self-sufficiency.


Meals on Wheels CoCoCounty

Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa is the only agency in our county raising funds to provide the meals delivered to homebound elders served by the countywide Meals on Wheels Program.


Homeless Action Coalition

Homeless Action Coalition is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit fueled by community contributions and the hard-work of many dedicated volunteers. Together, we fill the gaps between various homeless services with compassion.

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