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Martinez’s Musical High Tide Lifts All the Boats

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

We have often heard folks who have discovered the Martinez music scene react in ecstatic ways, and with good reason!

On weekends with good weather (and no raging pandemics), folks can roam around the downtown and hear a startling variety of very good music.

The local businesses know this, and more places have music on a regular basis in Martinez than one might see in other small towns.

This plethora of music venues supports a large number of bands – it’s a booming ecosystem.

It’s important to mention that growing this ecosystem is something the Martinez Music Mafia is proud to be involved in, but doesn’t wish to focus on, nor take credit for.

Our mission is using music events to raise money for local charities, some of which may be related to the arts, but most of the charities we donate to are providing vital services to people in need in our community.

The Martinez Music Mafia also needs to be neutral in this musical ecosystem – we do not seek to have any influence for any particular bands over any others. This may be hard to believe, since most of our board members are active musicians in local bands. But every single one of those bands was active prior to the formation of the MMM.

The MMM does have a desire to help all bands, and we’re always trying to think up ways to do so – and we have something new we hope you’ll like: A Marketing Guide for Bands. It doesn’t have all the answers (how could it?) but it does outline some marketing best practices that tend to pay off for bands that use these practices – resulting in more gigs, and better gigs.

It’s designed to be easy and fun to read – we hope you like it. Please let us know, also, if you have suggestions for improving it – it would be nice to have this a continuously evolving asset.

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