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2023 MMM Annual Holiday Pageant
and Toy Drive

Yes, Virginia, the MMM Holday Pageant and Toy Drive is back at the Campbell Theater for two exciting shows!

The Martinez Music Mafia (or MMM for short) is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization whose mission is to raise and donate funds to worthy local charities, using music and musicians as a force to bring people together for the good of the community. Our motto is Giving is Giving Back. And having a lot of fun along the way is fine, too!

The MMM began as a loose organization built on the model of the Rat Pack and the Memphis Music Mafia. Over a decade ago, the MMM’s big charity push was an annual Toy Drive around the Holidays and we raised a lot of money for worthy causes each year.

Eventually, we came to two important realizations:

  1. We’re onto something here – we can raise money, have a ton of fun and help the community

  2. We can do more – why limit the efforts to one event?


We decide to stop being quite so loose. We formed the non-profit organization, formed a Board of Directors  and dove in.

Wanna give to give back?

Wanna be a member?

Meet the Board

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